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It’s done!! I took Lydia out on the town to Supanova Melbourne for her first public appearance, and with my hammer, too!

Also, i’ve finally made myself a Facebook page. From that page i will share a lot of WIP content and various other works for you all to enjoy. So please show your support by liking the page, and possibly even sharing it when i post the rest of the photos of my stuff :D I will love you forever.

- Antilily <3

This is amazing!

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The intent of this group of photos is to illustrate the countless comments fat women are told by their peers, elders and countless random people on how exactly they should dress. We’re told our bodies are offensive. That the only way to resolve the suggested “problem” is to cover up, to make ourselves more appealing by putting clothes over our stretch marks, our cellulite, our so-called “imperfections”. We see magazines with How to Get Your (Very Unattainable) Perfect Bikini Body as highlights and heaven forbid a fat woman with a stomach be seen in a bikini. We are encouraged to buy cover ups to go over our sad one piece because “no one wants to see that big of a stomach”.

People have told me my shirt is too low-cut “for a fat girl to be wearing”. People have told me “those horizontal stripes make you look even worse”.
People have told me that I need to wear pants instead of shorts in 100+ degree Texas weather because my cellulite is showing.

People think they have the right to dress you as a mannequin because they feel better when you aren’t visible under the clothes they drape over you. 

You do you, you dress you, you do whatever the hell you want and what makes you happy.

And for all the people who have contributed to this ridiculous notion that we can’t seem to dress ourselves, this is a not so subtle FUCK YOU.

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Its time for another giveaway!!!

I’m about to hit 3,000 followers, so to celebrate you guys, I will be giving away one Adventure Time Moped Gang 13x19” Glossy Print, and some stickers and other art goodies! 

Rules: In order to win, you can either like or reblog this post, and you have to be following me!

I will randomly choose a winner in a week (saturday Feb 15th) and message you for your address! Good luck you guys, and thank you to everyone who has supported my art over the years! :D



We told girls that they should be little angels.

Now we cannot stop them.

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Midday Must Have:

Plus Size Swimwear & Coverups

Today one of the reader’s of the blog sent us this message " Warm greetings I wanted to know if you can recommend any swimwear websites that cater to women who are size 22 with and without cover-ups . Thank You

Well let me just say that you are in luck, we’ve found a couple websites , who do carter to the plus size woman and they start from size 12 & go up to a size 28. When you visit the websites listed below you will be sure to find a various amount of stylish pieces from the daring bikini to the bold and vibrant one piece swimsuit.

All of these swimsuits shown above start from $13 US & finish at $200 depending on your budget, however if you are just in the market for cover-ups you can check out the following three :




Plus Size Swimwear Stores :




Monif C


Josephine Swim



Lane Bryant

Old Navy


Forever 21



The time is upon us! Our online store will be launching this Monday, January 27th! This has been a long time dream of ours and it’s finally coming true!

For all the folks who want to celebrate with us in Portland, we’ll be having a customer appreciation in-store sale at our Portland location this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 24th through 26th. Win 25% Off all non-red tag clothing and shoes when you mention the online store at check out!

Everyone else, we’ll see you online this Monday! Stay tuned to Insta and Facebook for the link! #fatfancy #vintage #fatshion #plussize

Everyone should check these folks out. They’re spectacular!

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I love these thigh highs! 
This is the “Beth Ann” honeycomb style by Kix’ies.
I’m well above the “weight” limit for the size “D” and they fit me wonderfully,  The band is genius (it stretches, flexes and really grips… but, is still super comfy!)  They don’t slide down, roll down or fall down… and they don’t need garters to hold them up.  They are durable and come in a variety of wonderful styles (more to come in March, including the “Lola” which features a classic backseam!).

You can get $5 off by using code: Vivi
Try them.  You’re going to fall in love. 
Everyone (in a variety of sizes) that I’ve told about Kix’ies just LOVES them!

They ship internationally, too! 

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So this post


was too awesome and I thought it deserved a drawing inspired by it. 

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EEEEEEEEE flatbear found the thing!

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